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Welcome   To   My   Homepage!!

Hello and welcome to my homepage! First, let me start off by telling you a little about myself. My name is Jason and I live in Mesa, AZ (and for those of you that are wondering, YES it is VERY, VERY HOT here now). I am six foot, have blonde hair and blue eyes, and enjoy computers, hanging out with friends and listening to MUSIC 24/7! I LOVE MUSIC!!As you can see my site is dedicated to music and contains many links to sites with lots of cool stuff like MIDI's, photos, concert info. and just about anything else you would like to know. ALSO, IF ANYONE HAS ANY COOL BAND PHOTOS THEY WOULD LIKE TO SEND ME YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT!! Just one more thing before I go...if you want to find me on the internet I like to hang out in the Geocities chat rooms(especially Silicon Valley and Times Square). HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!!!! (if you notice any errors on this page please email me with the error.)

If you like MUSIC, check out these LINKS!!

NIN Links and Pics:
Pantera: Check out these links and STAY HOSTILE!!!!
Silicon Valley Chat: Geocities Chat Room
Pink Floyd:
A Tribute To Sepultura:
Cypress Hill:

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